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Wolf Security India is the India’s fast growing company who are specialized in providing CCTV cameras. We are recognized with the efforts that we put in our every project. Our team includes the professional installers who know each and every technique to place it up in such an angel that can cover every side of the location. It doesn’t really matter whether it is transportation, property, healthcare, financial and logistic industry, we are always ready to make you feel secure.

After installing cameras the foremost task is to keep it away from the eyes of hackers. The camera should be prevented from physical breaches as it can become the main reason of your camera to be hacked. Wolf Security India offers budget-friendly, easy to install access control solutions.

Below there are various types of access control systems:

  • Offline rocks.
  • Bluetooth-enabled access control systems.
  • Biometrics.
  • Key card systems.

What is the Use of Access Control System?

Control Rigid Locations

With the help of our high-quality security system, you can access control over some areas like loading bays, file storage areas, buildings, data rooms and parking facilities.

Access to Control Movement within the Locations

Access control solution will give you the option to keep control over your security organization by managing access to locking down the facilities, authorized personnel and monitoring alarm points.

Control Access to Equipment and Technology

Access control can also keep control over the usage of the heavy machinery, company fleets, work vehicles, along with that computer networks and computers. With these increasing crimes in India, it makes a lot of sense to integrate access control system within a CCTV setup. Combining both CCTV system and access control will give you more clear video data for keeping the surveillance.

Say, if you have an access control system that analyses people with a proximity card, suppose it gets lost by someone. A stranger can easily get into the building or any complex by just using the stolen or lost card. Although the people around the place will identify the stranger but the access control itself can’t recognize anything wrong.

Now look at the other side of the situation, if you have an access control system that is set up with a security system, it will easily analyze the wrong person. These types of systems utilize the facility of IP cameras and give a clear video.

An access control with CCTV setup can be used in many ways. The first option is the CCTV camera with access control can record the entrance activity when someone inserts their proximity cards. By this facility you can identify the person and judge that is it the only one who has the authority to use it. If it is the wrong person than the system will generate an alarm.

Spite from storing and recording the videos for hours and no one really search through the whole in that matter. So, it’s better to permanent log in and then store video from the entrance with the help of access control system.

Secure your community with Wolf Security India

Indoor Camera Instalation

Indoor Camera Instalation

Spite of just drilling and fixing the wires on the surface, we also focus on the ways to install indoor camera. With our installation, the beauty of your home will not be disturbed by wires.

Outdoor Camera Installation

Outdoor Camera Instalation

Our cameras are easy to install and designed in such a way that it can be placed easily. Cameras are fixed in a direction that clearly captures the actions at a walkway or driveway.

CCTV Connection


Pick up the IP network camera that will let you view the live actions of the location from wherever you want to sit. The only thing you want is a good quality network that our cameras are expert in providing.



Not only we help with installation but also guide you about how to protect the camera. We are well-known for our maintenance facility that reduces the work of very customer.

Keep your channel in secure surveillance with our effective CCTV Cameras

CCTV HD Camera

CCTV HD Camera

We are the renowned high definition CCTV camera provider.

CCTV HD Camera

PTZ Camera Installation

Adding to more functions to security system PTZ cameras covers more area and can zoom in and out on your one command.

Access Control

Access Control

We have huge range of system to offer you that also includes the access control which is informative and physical security system.

Video Door Phone

Video Door Phone

Wolf Security India offers video door phone which will build a communication between inside and outside, it will be easily installed at the door site of your area.

biometric attendance machine

Attendance Machine

Buy your biometric attendance machine at Wolf Security India and maintain tight security and discipline at your work place.



With this networking system you will get the clear footage of the actions performed at the areas which is under security system’s surveillance.


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